From Offline To Online: A Business Strategy For COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way we do things today. May it be in your personal life to how businesses run their operations. The new normal forced businessmen to come up with the best strategies for saving their companies in this global pandemic.


“Many studies have linked financial distress to poorer mental health. The more you stress about money, the harder it may be to manage your psychological well-being—and vice versa,” Amy Morin, LCSW, shares.

Experts revealed, however, that stressing won’t be able to keep your businesses afloat. Business people should try their best to focus on the remedies instead of dwelling on their problems. One way to go about this is through the shift from offline to online. Here are the reasons why you should adapt to this strategy.

Remain Relevant

The digital approach is five times faster than traditional ones. Believe it or not, not going digital will drown you in this fast-moving world.

More and more companies are now maximizing their marketing techniques based on what’s hot on the internet. Businesses can leverage hashtags and trends as opportunities. You should have a quick wit and a creative digital effort to target the most number of people.

Swaying with your consumers’ likes will bring timely exposure to your company. In short, you will remain relevant.

Ability To Shift To The Work From Home Setup


As an employer, the safety of your employees should be your number one priority. Where will your business land if you don’t have your workers behind, right?

The presence of coronavirus pushed the concept of work-from-home. This strategy helped to halt the spread of the virus. Although some employers were against this concept, many are now transitioning to this kind of setup.

They realized that this approach would lower their operational costs by renting fewer offices and minimizing electricity and water charges. It is also a win for your employees since it leads to reduced transportation expenses.

Presence Of Non-Contact Services And Delivery

A lot of individuals now fear to go out of their house, even if shopping for essentials. They are scared of this health threat since there is a higher risk of acquiring the virus outside. Therefore, more and more people are now opting to purchase in online stores since it’s safer and more accessible.

This trend started with food delivery services. Due to the lockdown and the fear, food deliveries improved their game by enrolling more restaurants into their app. This way, customers won’t have to go out of their houses just to put food on their table. This approach has been a success amid the pandemic.

Following their success, the majority of businesses shifted to this strategy as well. Groceries and supermarkets expanded their service out of their counters by aiding their customers through their deliveries. Companies outside the food and beverage industry are adapting to this trend as well.

Provide Remote Learning


Consumers spend most of their time inside their homes, and most are now getting bored. Yes, they have their movies and games to keep them entertained, but many individuals are getting sick of this. Believe it or not, many are now craving to learn and to sustain your brand, and you should be able to heed to this call.

Collect Key Analytics

For you to be able to come up with the best business strategies, you should be able to know your customers’ demographics well. And what’s the way to do this? By getting these data through your online platforms.

Consumer analytics allow your company to tailor your content, continuously understand the trends, and engage with them appropriately. Without detailed insight, businesses will most likely make detrimental strategy errors. Getting into these pitfalls will cost you a lot.


Set Up Virtual Events

Some industries rely on their brand events to be able to market their products and services well. This approach has now become impossible with the implementation of social distancing and the prohibition of mass gatherings around the world. But the presence of digital platforms, virtual events are now possible.

What’s better is that you can reach more audiences with this type of gathering, giving you more opportunities to promote your products and services.

Going digital amid the coronavirus is the best way to go. Companies that won’t respond to these market changes will only lead to its downfall. Everything will be affected – from customer retention, market share, and, eventually, revenue generation.

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