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The 2019 Business Awareness Conference emphasized the importance of cybersecurity, especially since more and more online businesses are now emerging. Believe it or not, however, at least 50 percent of these platforms experience at least one cybersecurity attack or breach in a year. With this in mind, here are some helpful cybersecurity tips you can consider.

Update Your System

If your computer system operates in the same settings since your business’s opening, then it’s time to change them. Figuring out your system’s account names and passwords is the first go-to strategy of hackers. Therefore, it will be a free pass for them if you don’t update it once in a while. Remember, this is just a simple fix.

At the same time, the security safeguards from the past years are not as reliable as the security safeguards now. Hence, you need to update your software for you to have the latest antivirus protection, browsers, spyware detection systems, and spam blockers.

Backup Your Data Constantly

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One of the easiest and most effective ways to recover from a security attack is through data backup. If you have important files in your system, make sure to keep them in another secured location. This way, it will be easier for you to access them in case the hacker decides to sweep all of your data.

Also, most professionals recommend that you store these data off-site. It means that should the attack compromises your servers, you won’t have a hard time recovering your data. Instead of uploading your files in the cloud, you may opt to save them on an offline machine, such as an external hard drive, flash drive, or even CDs.

Monitor Your Employee’s Activities

No, not all your employees have shady characters. However, research from the International Data Corporation revealed that 60 percent of security breaches come from employees. Therefore, you must not give out sensitive information to them. At the same time, avoid assigning only one person to safeguard your security. This approach will only put your business at more risk.

Ensure that your employees get appropriately briefed concerning security protocols. Require them to come up with strong passwords so they won’t easily get hacked. Make sure to implement a strict rule as well, where they are not allowed to use the internet for personal matters. It will only increase the chances of opening security breaches.

Lastly, tell them not to open links or attachments from unsolicited emails. Strategies like these are the number one source of security attacks.

Set Up A Firewall

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The primary goal of a firewall is to monitor both the outgoing and incoming network traffic. This way, the system can either block or permit data packets depending on its nature. Take note that firewalls should not only be for company laptops and computers, your employees’ mobile phones must also have this for added protection.

Dispose Of Data Properly

When you dispose of an outdated company computer, you can’t simply throw it into the trash and turn your back on it. Instead, you have to undergo a secured process. This method ensures that all of the data placed in there are safe.

Experts recommend the use of degaussing (not just putting the files in the recycle bin), a strategy that demagnetizes the hard drive, making it completely useless, and physically destroying the hard drive using a crusher or shredder.

If you want your business to last, make sure to follow these cybersecurity tips. It’s not that much of an investment anyway.

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