Is It Time To Hand In Your Resignation?

Working in a company that you love can be a rewarding feeling. It feels great to be with a firm that knows how to value hardworking employees like you. However, if what you are experiencing at your current employment is the opposite, then maybe it is time to think about resigning.


We understand that it can be terrifying to decide on quitting your job. Of course, you are afraid of what may happen the moment you decide to let go of the work that you do finally. Can you still support your family if you resign today? Is your wife going to support your decision? Will it be good or bad for your mental health? The truth is that there are tons of things to consider before you can decide on this matter.


As such, for today’s article, we are going to provide you with a list of that will tell you that it is time to say goodbye to your job. Our goal is to encourage everyone to be brave enough to let go of things that no longer make you happy. It can also be a lot difficult in the beginning, but as time goes by, you will realize that you are doing yourself a favor. Here are the indications that your job no longer serves any purpose in your life:


Your Boss Is Mean


Nothing is worse than rendering work for an employer who does not know how to appreciate the efforts that you put in your work. It can be bad for your mental wellness to go to a workplace, wherein your boss is a mean person. The longer you stay in a stressful environment, the more dangerous it becomes for you. There is a possibility that you will develop depression or anxiety.


You Dislike Your Work Colleagues


Another essential thing that you must look into is your relationship with everyone in the office. Do you have someone that you are close to? Or are you always stressed out because of your teammates? If it is the latter, be sure to say goodbye to them as soon as possible. Take note that these people can affect your mental health. If they are mean to you, there is a high chance that you can develop a problem within yourself.


You Do Not Like Your Job


One of the best reasons why you must hand in your resignation at the moment is because you hate your job. You need to stop pretending that everything is okay in the work that you do at the office. Keep in mind that you are only punishing yourself if you will continue to do something that does not make you happy. Now is the right time to set yourself free. Several studies show that working on a job you don’t like can cause depression. Depression can happen at any age: kids, teens, young adults, middle adults, or geriatric depression for older adults. If you don’t like your job, do not be afraid to try something new because you deserve it. Look for another job that makes everything better for your life. Remember that you will never run out of opportunities.


What are you waiting for? You have to resign now if you can relate to at least one of the items mentioned above.



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