How To Handle A Business When There’s A Mental Health Problem


Running a business is hard, but it is imaginably harder for those people with a mental health issue. That’s because it requires a lot of dedication, drive, sleepless nights, and uncertainty. There is a lot to take and more to give in. There’s got to be an assurance of time-management, organization skills, leadership, energy, and effort. So to handle all of the pressure, one must possess a reliable quality of mental stability. So to start, here are some of the things business-minded people with a mental health problem must consider.

Outlining Goals For The future

The misconception lies when individuals look at success as a straight line because it’s not. There are struggles everywhere, and the road will potentially become rough without warning. “People with healthy self-esteem tend to view failure as an event. People with low self-esteem often view failure as fatal. This thought process pummels one’s self-esteem and overtime being a failure becomes their identity.” counselor Monte Drenner emphasizes. But with a proper mindset of what a goal looks like in the future, there will be a buildup of courage and motivation. There’s got to be mountaintop thinking involve in every business-related decisions and actions. There’s this urgency to project forward through the imagination of an ideal life. Businesses don’t grow and develop in an instant. It contains a lot of hard work and persistence. Therefore, business-minded persons with a mental health issue should understand the essence of discipline. From there, they have to think more about the possibilities of growing before doing something beyond their abilities.


Never Quit When It’s Not Finished

Most people stop when they hit failure. They assume that when they already reached rock-bottom, it’s the end game already. What they don’t understand is that it’s the other way around. Meaning, the road to success is about to get better once they stand up and bring their best to what they do. People often fail in a lot of things. So when business-minded individuals pay too much attention to their mental health issue and not focus on their chance of hitting success, then that’s what’s eventually going to happen. These individuals will lose the continuity of achieving something better when they decide to quit. Therefore, they need to gain enough dedication to strive and finish the things they already started. “A good way to keep from destroying your self-esteem is by keeping negative self-talk in check. Catch yourself before you go spiraling down the hole of negative thought.” You’ll notice a big difference.” says licensed psychologist Cindy T. Graham, PhD

Remember To Keep People Around

The most powerful tool people can use in times of mental health struggle is “people” itself. Since dealing with business can cause a lot of anxiety, stress, and depression, business-minded individuals, must recognize the value of having someone beside them. Of course, it all depends on how they use them. There are instances that some would seek out for others significant contribution to their lives, but there are also those individuals who do not need but demand others’ presence. It doesn’t have to be a hindrance though because one of the great things about having someone is the ability to know what is wrong. By that, there’s a notable chance of finding a better solution through every business and life problems from triggering mental health conditions.


Act Responsibly In Every Action

The definition of greatness and what people want to achieve is different from somebody else. Yes, there may be some similarities at some point, but it’s still not the exact thing. When there’s a mental health issue involved, everything about the business can get messed up. So before it takes a toll on people’s lives, one must think about handling it the way they are supposed to. There’s no right or wrong in doing it though. But business-minded people should consider the consequences of their actions. When they lose the willpower to continue, they might at least look for an alternative in making things better. They have to understand that success is a long process and the only way through it is by making worst and unwanted decisions.

A lot of people out there often aim to improve by focusing on the one change they can do with their life. There’s this desire to making their dreams come true. But with mental health in the picture, everything can become a losing-grip struggle. Erica Thompson, LMFT, LPCC used to say, “Mental health struggles are real. They can be painful. You may feel alone. In some of the darkest times, you may feel like something is “wrong” with you to the core. ” Life is not a quick path and so as businesses. There are no shortcuts to it. Therefore, the only way for these business-minded individuals to overcome the struggle is to focus on getting better. Because the only persons who can do it, it only themselves.

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